Terms and conditions on services

Terms and Conditions on Foreign Trade Services

Our rates are subject to the following clauses; it is the responsibility of the person contracting this service to read them carefully.

The rates are based on the information provided; any change in weight, measurements, place of collection or delivery of the goods will cause a change in the rate provided.

The release system of Bour&Ber International S.A. de C.V. will confirm your order from 24 to 48 business hours after receiving your proof of payment, so please anticipate sending your receipt in order not to delay their releases.

In case you do not receive confirmation within the above mentioned time, please send a reminder to info@bourandber.com to check on the status.

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival. All times provided by BOUR&BER INTERNATIONAL S.A. DE C.V. are estimates.

Itineraries, routes and crossing times, as well as road, terminal and/or port cancellations are subject to change with or without prior notice.

Quotations are based on non-dangerous and non-oversized merchandise.

Regardless of the brand, sub-brand and/or branches of the same company, the customer who accepts this quotation will be responsible for the payment of the quotation.

Bour&Ber International S.A. de C.V. will not be held responsible for any penalties, fines or any other expenses incurred due to causes beyond our control.

Port of call cancellations are subject to change with or without prior notice.

Bour&Ber International S.A. de C.V. does not make loading or unloading maneuvers, consolidation, lashing or any other additional movement within the terminal without express written order from the customer.

The maximum weight for 20gp containers is 18 tons + tare.
The cost for overweight for 20gp containers is $ 300usd for each sea, land or rail movement.

Maximum weight for 40gp or 40 hq containers is 21 tons + tare.
The overweight charge for 40 gp or 40 hq containers is $300 usd for each sea, land or rail movement.

The maximum weight that can be carried is 25 tons + tare for 20 gp containers, after this weight Bour&Ber International S.A. de C.V. will not proceed with the movement of the container on the land side.

The maximum weight that can be carried is 26 ton + tare for 40 gp containers, after this weight, Bour&Ber International S.A. de C.V. will not proceed with the movement of the container on the land part.

Bour&Ber International S.A. de C.V. does not absorb stays, storage, delays, maneuvers in port or loading and unloading maneuvers or any other extra expense that could be generated by carelessness or omission of information, negligence from part of your customs broker, lack of payment of the goods or others.

It is the customer’s responsibility to have all documentation in order with the appropriate authority, according to their operation, as Bour & Ber International S.A. de C.V. does not manage any kind of process with the relevant authorities.
Bour & Ber International S.A. de C.V. does not process formalities or manage any process, without express written order of the client.

All issues and/or discrepancies with Bour&Ber International S.A. de C.V. should be dealt directly with the Customer Service department via email.

In case of making use of our trading company for the purchase of goods or products, the merchandise will have to be purchased and invoiced to Bour&Ber International S.A. de C.V.

All goods that are purchased and marketed through Bour&Ber International S.A. de C.V. by internal procedure will be insured. (No exceptions)

The customer acknowledges and agrees that the term of purchase agreed with the supplier (INCOTERM) will be established by the latter, therefore, accepts being aware of what is and is not included in the service hired, therefore leaving Bour & Ber International out of any dispute.

In case of requiring customs clearance services, the customer will provide Bour&Ber International S.A de C.V all relevant documentation for the completion of such service, likewise in case of requiring a special permit NOM, UVA or any other permit required by the authority, the customer acknowledges and accepts explicitly and implicitly that additional charges for these concepts may be generated, which must be covered in full at the time that Bour&Ber International request it with or without prior notice.

Service is provided on working days, holidays are not considered.
Advance payment is required
If payment is not made on time, your shipment will not be loaded.
Unquoted expenses that are nevertheless generated during the trip must be paid in full at the time of shipment release.

The cost generated by idleness of the unit due to situations beyond the control of Bour&Ber International S.A. De C.V. will be MXP $ 4,000 (four thousand pesos 00/100 MN) + VAT.

The cost for reshipment will be quoted based on the difference in km (s) between the first point and the following delivery point.
All requested maneuvers at that time will bear extra cost.

Once the unit has arrived to the customer’s location, it must be unloaded without any delay.

No loading and/or unloading maneuvers are allowed outside the customer’s facilities, such tasks are sanctioned by the authorities.

The goods always travel at the risk and expense of the customers and we do not insure them unless expressly ordered in writing. Our clients, who use our services, know and accept that we act as mere intermediaries and therefore accept that in all operations in which we intervene on their behalf, we do not check the content of received packages, we do not check weights and volume, they know our responsibility does not go beyond that of an intermediary and therefore agree that all goods receptions are done without weight, volume and content verification, they also agree that our responsibility ends upon delivery of the goods which shall always be considered as having taken place in export or transit operations alongside the vessel, wagon, truck, etc. , and in import operations on the transporting vehicle, unless it extends to subsequent operations, in which case these must be expressly entrusted to us and subsequently invoiced by us. in the operations subject to customs procedures, our performance will not prevent in any case the one that can be undertaken both by the administration and the customs agent to claim directly the duties, taxes or other customs taxes or of another nature that had not been satisfied to us by our customers, which also recognize the preferential right that those have been assisted for the collection in any case, of the expressed concepts.

Company Information

Bour&Ber International: Privada de los Industriales 110 interior 304 Col. Parque Industrial Benito Juarez C.P. 76120 Queretaro, Qro. (Please note that this is NOT a return address).